DECEA-Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo
  • Capacity Increase
    Smaller separations between aircrafts in much more accurate flight
  • Sustainability
    Less impact on the environment: the birth of sustainable aviation
  • Cost Reduction
    A significant saving in operating costs of air transport
  • Innovation
    Take off towards the highest standards of air navigation in the world


The SIRIUS Program is based on the use of strategic solutions for the continuous evolution of Brazilian Air Traffic Management System to a more safety and environmentally sustainable reality.
Headed by the Department of Airspace Control, the gradual implementation of the SIRIUS Program will ensure to Brazil, over a time horizon of short, medium and long terms, the increase of the required operational capacity in view of the demands coming from the high air traffic growth forecasted for the first decades of the 21st century, maintaining at the same time, the desired levels of operational safety.

The SIRIUS Legacy

  • Maintenance of Operational Safety.
  • More rational use of the airspace.
  • Reduction of harmful gases emission into the atmosphere.
  • Noise reduction in neighborhood of aerodromes.
  • Increase of air traffic management efficiency.
  • Reduction of air traffic controllers’ workload.
  • Reduction of pilots’ workload.
  • Costs reduction for aircraft operators.
  • Costs reduction for Air Navigation Services Providers.
  • Better service for air transport users.
  • Higher investments in communication technology, safety and surveillance.